Dear Fellow Geomorphologists,

At the 7th International Conference on Geomorphology, held in Melbourne on 6-11 July 2009, the IAG Council approved a new working group of the International Association of Geomorphologists, the Danxia Geomorphology Working Group, to be jointly convened by Professor Peng Hua, Sun Yat-sen University, China, and Professor Piotr Migon University of Wroclaw, Poland. Below is the background to the establishment of the Danxia WG, its main objectives , outline of proposed activities, invitation to join our efforts towards better scientific understanding of Danxia morphology and the proper conservation.

Peng Hua and Piotr Migon

Cliffs in horizontally bedded sandstones and conglomerates in Danxiashan, China
Courtesy by P.MIGON

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